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In conversation with... Rosie Cooper

Capturing the beauty of the natural world and our enchanted landscapes, meet photographer and filmmaker Rosie Cooper. Rosie's images will transport you to a magical place, with mountainous views, costal waves and sunrise skies. Alongside her wonderful collection of landscape and nature imagery, Rosie also works as a wedding and portrait photographer here in Suffolk. In our interview, we get to know more about her creative journey and her inspirations as well as sharing some of her outstanding images.

When did you first discover your love for photography?

My love for photography started at a young age, the experience of looking at photographs was always an obsession and still is. I got my first film camera during High School and that was the first time I experienced the initial act of discovering how to use a camera, which was always what intrigued me most and still does, how you can manipulate this tangible object to make a copy or a representation of what you see, to discover, to transform reality.

After Studying Fine Art, when did you decide to launch your photography business?

I officially launched my photography business within a year of graduating from University.

Your images capture the beauty of the natural world and I find they often evoke a sense of calm and wonder, what do you consider when setting up an image?

Photography has always been such a natural process to me and being out in nature is an obsession/a ritual.  So to photograph it and to set up an image just feels like an extended version of myself, reaching out to share my devotion for others to see and to enjoy and to learn.

What do you particularly love about the landscapes here in Suffolk? Is there anywhere you return to or that you find a constant inspiration? I particularly love the coastal sunrises here in Suffolk, it feels completely uninterrupted by modern society and culture and rural.

I often find myself in super remote locations in Suffolk where I can focus on nature, learn about trees, mushrooms, the land! I’m always watching the light refracting on ocean waves or how it stretches its beams over the fields or to the forests where the light flickers through the leaves.

You are passionate about nature, the environment and our planet; do you have any tips on living sustainably?

My top tip is to get out in nature more and more when you do, you begin to realise how fragile it is and how much of an impact one person has on it. 

Do you have any future adventure plans or places you’d love to visit?

Would love to visit Iceland one day! Always planning micro-adventures in my camper van. 

What small businesses or brands are you loving at the moment?

Some small businesses that I love at the moment are Yelena Buck, a beautiful lingerie designer,  Fig 1 Studio for beautiful earrings and Earth and Crow wall hangings.

Studio soundtrack…

My Studio Soundtrack is usually instrumental, I'm currently listening to a lot of Four t e t or the Fleetwoods. I'm also enjoying an audiobook called 'Time, and how to spend it' by James Wallman.

Find a collection of Rosie's photography prints at our Summer pop up shop at Helmingham Hall. You can also follow her journey on Instagram @rrosiero


//all images courtesy of Rosie Cooper @rrosiero//

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