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In conversation with... Lise Marie


Print designer Lise Marie creates beautifully colourful greetings cards for every occasion. These fun florals and uplifting words are just the thing to put a smile on your face. Now living and working in Norwich, we spoke to Lise to learn more about her journey as designer, sustainability in her business and her future hopes for her new venture.

Lise in her studio and her floral drawings

Since making the move to Norwich, how are you finding life in a new city?

We made the move to Norwich from London but I grew up in Brighton and West Sussex after moving to London for university. I do miss my family and try to visit as often as I can, obviously the journey was a lot easier from London but this way we just have to plan a bit better! We are really enjoying our time in Norwich, although my husband is still commuting to London my daughter has lots of friends, she sees mummy more often because I’m able to be at home more.

Tell us a little bit about your creative journey to becoming a print designer.

After gaining my degree in printed textiles and fashion marketing I went travelling for a few months, came back to reality and London. This time was great looking back, working in retail, struggling as a freelance designer but able to have fun in the big city with no real worries. The time working under guidance from experienced designers but being self employed was very valuable to me and part of me does wish I stuck to it but life got in the way, security and stability became more important. I managed to progress within retail and became a merchandising assistant, which is quite different from designing but quite useful skills in business. Now I’m able to have a bit of time working around two children to design a bit more and explore more creatively it seems a healthy balance.

What inspires your designs?

Flowers have always been my muse but when I was at school I loved painting people! Nature is always a win with me, even if it doesn’t look like a flower at the end because it’s been deconstructed. Maybe it’s just the shapes and colours that come from nature and capturing that in a still image like a photograph that can present an idea for me.

What creative processes do you use when designing and making your products?

I do a lot of research into a theme or trend and save lots of images to inspire me. Colour is really important to me and I like looking at new colour combos. Sometimes I spend more time mixing colours than actual drawing or more time on the mood board to inspire the collection of works than the actual finished piece.

I use several implements like pencils, pens, ink and gouache then scan these images to my laptop and use photoshop to arrange the layout and colour.

How important is sustainability in your business?

Very important! I want to start out on the right foot! I’m using recycled card, envelopes and biodegradable cello wrapper on all my cards and I hope that cards can be cherished as works of art in themselves but if not they can be recycled again.

I can’t do everything but I can only try and do better. We are living in a time of change and I’ve accepted the fact that the choices I make might not improve the world as it is today but for the next generation there is hope!

Do you have any future plans or hopes for the business?

I hope to expand my card range and print offer, maybe exhibit at my first trade show but for now I’m happy with how it is along with juggling a new born and toddler.

What small businesses or brands are you loving at the moment?

There are so many to choose from! Kozo Design have some lovely bags made from a plant based material and Scatter Jewellery for their beautiful sculpted jewellery pieces.

Studio soundtrack...

Radio 6 music is my choice to listen to, they have a good mix of old and new!

Find Lise's greetings card collection at our Summer pop up shop. You can also follow her journey on Instagram @lisemarieprints


//Images courtesy of Lise Marie @lisemarieprints and product photography by Megan Clark//

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