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Building our brand...


Small business, big heart


As the world has slowed down a little and we're all spending much more time at home with future plans on hold. Here at Thrive we're taking some time to think about our brand, how we started and where we would like to go.

As a small business, it's really important for us to share our passions with you. We hope to create a community, to collaborate and inspire each other. Through the Thrive Collective, we endeavour to bring you the very best quality and design by local artists and makers from across East Anglia, to create inspiring shopping experiences and to share stories. As we grow, we would love to offer opportunities to bring people together, and find ways to support our communities, to enhance our lives and bring joy.

Our brand is built on the ethos of quality, growth and connections. Small business can create more personal experiences, unique products and extra details. We created a quick vision board, to bring together some of the things important to our business. Colour and materials are important to keeping a cohesive message. The importance of sustainability and nature in our daily lives. Hardworking hands, crafting our beautiful products and supporting each other. Details, considering all the little things that make for a beautiful and thoughtful experience.

Curating our collection, we work to put together products that compliment and lift each other. We are building a brand that can grow, can develop, change and thrive in the future.


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